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The Writers Lab

The Writers Lab presents an opportunity for inexperienced as well as experienced  writers to find their inner voice, try new ideas and think outside of the box. It will be a place to experiment and explore, in a supportive, fun and encouraging environment, so limitations must be left outside of the door.

Tuesday weekly sessions from October  2019 at 9:45 until 11:15am

Saturday monthly sessions from Oct.

Weekend Workshops Coming Soon!

Diving Deep in Search of Hidden Gems 

Our inner world is as vast as the ocean, with stories told, left untold and stories waiting to be revealed. In this workshop, participants will be encouraged to explore their inner world through a series of exercises to find ideas for new work.

Getting Comfortable Between the Sheets

Baring your feelings on paper can feel daunting, emotional and unsafe, but it’s part of the parcel of becoming more intimately involved in your work as a writer.  In this workshops we will look to confront some of your fears and tackle some of the blocks which are standing in your way, through a series of exercises.

Dealing with Emotions and Memories

As a writer, all sorts of emotions and memories come up to the surface to reveal themselves to you.  In this workshop, participants will look at how these sparks can help them produce some interesting material, and how they can learn from the experiences. So they can tell a much more clearer story to their audience or have a better understanding for themselves.


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